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The Art of Creation: A Guide to the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts

The art of glass making is an esteemed trade marveled by many who bear witness to its beauty and fragility. At the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts in Lake Worth Beach, you have the opportunity to have a hands-on and immersive experience into the practice of glass making. The Benzaiten Center highlights emerging artists while also allowing you to find your own hidden talent of glass art making.

About the Center

The Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts is a private nonprofit organization located in the Historic FEC Train Depot just a few steps from the heart of downtown Lake Worth. The Benzaiten Center aspires to be an excellent creative studio, where professional artists from the Lake Worth community can attain their creative potential and, through interaction with both children and adults in hope they will foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of art and the creative process. The Center is a place where art truly comes to life, immersing the public in the creative process and providing them with a unique experience unlike anything else. The Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts has a viewing area, complete with benches, where visitors can view artisans sculpting intricate sculptures, or take classes in art techniques. Experience the exhilaration of combined creativity at Benzaiten.

Artist Blow Out

The Artist Blow Out is a monthly event featuring a new emerging glass and metal artist. In a setting of 50 viewers, the artist will perform their trade in a fascinating display of what heat, glass, and metal can do. Each artist featured has their own specialty which is highlight in their "Blow Out." During this event, you will have the opportunity to connect with the artist and purchase some of their work, supporting the up and coming artisan. This experience is only $15.00.

Classes and Workshops

The Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts offers multiple classes and workshops that allow for you to master a new artistic skill. There are three types of class: glassblowing, glass fusing, and flameworking.

Glassblowing: Expert glassblowers will guide you through the necessary steps required to make your own piece of glass art. No prior experience is required and there are a number of beginner classes to choose from. All students leave with their own unique creation such as the student’s work at left.

Glass Fusing: Fusing, the process of fusing cold glass together, and molding are taught in this series of classes. Anyone can become proficient in fusing. The center has an expert teacher who will help bring out the artist in you, even if you can’t draw a straight line.

Flameworking: In their new state-of-the-art studio we are initiating a flame working program with beginner, bead-making classes.

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