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Lake Worth Lagoon: A Tranquil Oasis in the Heart of the City

There are many aspects of living in South Florida that can take some getting used to. From the insane traffic jams on the causeways to the sometimes unrelenting heat, there’s a lot to deal with when you call this part of the world home. Fortunately, there are plenty of good things too, and one of them is Lake Worth Lagoon, located right in the heart of downtown Lake Worth at 13th Street and Lucerne Avenue. Take a stroll down this peaceful lagoon and enjoy its many natural wonders, and you may even forget you’re in South Florida at all!

Fun Filled Activities

Visit Lake Worth Lagoon and dive one of the most sought-after places in the world right under Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach. Here, you can take a boat trip and slowly drift by the mansions of Palm Beach and the skyline of West Palm Beach. If you enjoy golf, consider playing at a water-side course in Lake Worth. In addition, spend some time at a waterfront restaurant in Boynton Beach while relaxing with a refreshing drink. Regardless of where you travel on the Lagoon, you can kayak, canoe, fish, birdwatch, and enjoy relaxing. LagoonFest is a chance to explore even more of what the waterway has to offer.

Environmental Contribution

This urban estuary for The Palm Beaches is an amazing habitat. Just watch its incredible charm to understand why. The presence of two permanent, man-made inlets – the Lake Worth Inlet and the South Lake Worth Inlet – allow saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico to mix with freshwater from canals, which provides a habitat for marine life to thrive. One can find seagrass, mangroves, sea turtles, oyster reefs, wading birds, crabs, more than 250 fish species, and creatures from the ocean, who enter from the open sea.

Saving Lake Worth Lagoon

Over the past 100 years, human activities have posed many challenges for Lake Worth Lagoon. Ongoing restoration efforts will not only restore natural beauty, but also create a recreational haven. Different government agencies, including Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management, as well as various civic groups have partnered to form the Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative.

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