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5 Reasons to Visit Downtown Lake Worth Beach, Florida

Downtown Lake Worth Beach, Florida, is one of the most popular spots in Florida’s Palm Beach County. Many tourists visit Lake Worth Beach specifically to spend time in downtown Lake Worth because there are so many fun things to do there and the area has an active nightlife. We’ve got five great reasons why you should check out downtown Lake Worth, Florida!

1) History and Culture

The City of Lake Worth is filled with history and culture. There are many art galleries in town showcasing local artists, historic theaters, and museums. The Lake Worth Historical Museum is just one of the many sites that you can visit on your trip. This museum features artifacts, books, photographs, and other materials which record the development of Lake Worth and the cultural history of the immediate surrounding area. Textile displays in the museum show what pioneers dressed like and "modern conveniences" such as the ice box and the wringer washer show how they lived and worked. Items range in size from large (for example, a hotel telephone switchboard) to much smaller (like a collection of cameras and medical instruments). Display cases maintained by local Finns, Poles and Lithuanians are highlights of the heritage exhibits.

2) Restaurants Galore

There are a number of restaurants featuring different cuisines from around the world. From Mexican to Italian, find your food needs in Downtown Lake Worth Beach. According to the Palm Beach New Times, here are some Lake Worth hidden gems that you should try out on your trip.

- Clary's Corner Cafe: Immaculately delicious breakfast and lunch items including the chef-owner's homemade biscuits and gravy, smothered in a thick, pepper-flecked cream sauce, and her signature dirty grits, a heaping plate of slow-cooked grits, ham, bacon, onions, and melted cheddar cheese served with toast. Make sure to taste Grandma Lida's Pecan Sticky Bun French Toast which is more like a sweet bread pudding topped with a generous pile of chewy candied pecans.

- Chulas: A small Tex Mex-style eatery off Tenth Avenue in Lake Worth featuring to die for dessert and snack creations, many of which use ingredients purchased directly from Mexico. These include raspas, Latin-style snow cones made of crushed ice and flavored with a variety of syrup, condensed milk, and fresh fruit and tosti locos, a stateside rendition of Mexican antojito (street food).

- 2 Chef's Souparre: A family-owned and -operated eatery serving homemade sandwiches and salads, lunch and dinner entrees, and desserts. The place is mainly takeout, however, the restaurant offers casual indoor seated service. Bakery-fresh bread — from ciabatta to olive herb — is sliced fresh and accompanies any meal for to-go and eat-in orders. Their specials rotate weekly, with options like conch chowder, turkey chili, and chicken pot pie.

3) Events for Every Occasion

This downtown area isn’t just for beach-goers. It has so much more to offer for a relaxing day out. Whether you want an outdoor picnic in February or a night on the town at one of their clubs and bars, it’s all here. There is always something going on at Downtown Lake Worth Beach!

Every month the city features many events for every occasion. Just take a look at the city's calendars to see what fun is going on during you stay! Some of the most popular events include the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, Lake Worth Beach Bonfires, plays, and other celebrations.

4) Dog Friendly

A dog is a man's (and woman's) best friend, so it wouldn't be fair to leave your furry friend at home. Downtown Lake Worth is dog friendly! There are numerous places that you can bring them including the Lake Woof Dog Park at John Prince Park, the Lake Worth Beach Park, and if you are hungry, Brogues Irish Pub. There are many more dog friendly restaurants in the area as well.

5) A Mix of Boutique and Chain Stores

Downtown Lake Worth Beach is a shoppers paradise with a large mix of boutique and chain stores. Locals and tourists walk the streets of Downtown Lake Worth Beach to see what type of prize they can find. Here are some boutiques to check out!

531 East Boutique: This boutique has been around for 23 years and has brought a new flare to Lake Worth. 531 East specializes in fun resort and travel clothing, catering to adult women, and will also offer other items such as accessories and wall art!

Trinkets & Treasures: One of the newest and most exciting boutique shops in Downtown Lake Worth featuring handmade jewelry. The store offers a selection of trendy and vintage styles at the right price. Trinkets & Treasures is also a great source for other accessories such as belts, soft leather handbags, scarves, shawls, sweaters and ponchos. Purchasing these products support indigenous family workshops in a manner that is ecologically friendly and observes fair trade practices.

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